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Photo-Matic Technology lets you create high quality product images (Still & 360) for your E-commerce website, catalog, print, advertising or banners in just few simple steps

Place, Preview, Snap, Edit & Process!

“Still & 360 Product Photography Simplified”

360 Product Photography

How it works

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High Quality Attractive Images

Get high quality product images on pure white background. With the revolutionary hardware & software users can create a professional grade still & 360 degree product images on pure white background. The software allows users to save images in multiple formats (JPG, TIFF, PNG or RAW) and multiple sizes (pixel width) at the same time with a single click of a button. 

Save Time & Money

Save enormous amount of time and money spent on cumbersome product photography workflows. A single product pack-shot consisting 5 images will be ready in less than 3 minutes with our equipment & software. A 360 product image will be ready in less than 6 minutes depending on the number of frames. Suitable for E-commerce, digital media industry & Photography Studios.  

Portable Solutions

Our Compact Studio solutions are designed from the aspect of portability & transportability so that you can save space rather than having a large studio setup & transport the equipment from one warehouse to another. Our portable lightbox has a 5600K daylight system with a high color rendering index (CRI) of 95 Ra8. Giving you a color accurate result, so that the product image conforms to reality.

Our Products

Iconasys 360 view Creator

Gives users the ability to create 360 Product Views in HTML5+JavaScript format with following features

Interative HTML5 Output

Click and drag mouse control for Desktops/Touch control for mobile devices

Deep Zoom & Pan

High resolution zoom option to give customers confidence on product quality

Fully customizable 360 output

Choose what buttons to show, upload own buttons, set rotation speed, rotation direction, max zoom depth, mouse control click & drag speed, pre-loader color and start image.

*The Iconasys 360 Product View Creator can also be purchased as a stand-alone software.

Photo-Matic 360 mp4 Video Creator

A stand alone software plugin to create 360 output in .mp4 & .gif (beta) file format. The .mp4 format file is requested by E-commerce sites like Jabong. The plugin gives users the following features

Duration of the Video

Users can specify the duration of video for one full rotation of the product

Output Types

The current version can produce high resolution output in .mp4 & .gif format (beta)

Output Size

The final size of the output is within 2-3 Mb for a 10 sec video

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